Siblings of Daniel Jacobus Steyn Geldenhuys

Hendrik Petrus ("Boeta") (1860-19?)
We know he was born ca. 1860 because according to his Boer War Losses Claim for the farm Negefontein, he was 43 years old in Sept 1902.
Johanna Catharina (±1863-1902)
We know she was born ca. 1862/63 because the British Concentration Camp Records say she was 39 years of age when she died in the Standerton Camp on 18 Jan 1902, see also her Death Notice VAB MHG 1577. She married Nicolaas Jacobus DE WET (1860-1913) and they had 2 sons and 2 daughters. Her widower Nicolaas married Maria Aletta Petronella CRONJÉ after the war, and then later married Johanna’s younger sister Susara Johanna.
Susara Johanna (±1866-1933)
Born ca. 1866; Death Notice gives her birthplace as Swellendam and her age as 67 yrs, 9 months. Her first husband was Ryno Johannes EKSTEEN, born ca. 1901 (as deduced from DJSG's Memoirs as well as from her Death Notice VAB MHG 25394). She married Ryno early enough before the war to have two daughters (Johanna Catharina and Aletta Adriana) by him. She later married Nicolaas Jacobus DE WET (1860-1913), her deceased older sister's husband. Susara died 14 October 1933.
Petrus Johannes (1868-1943)
Married the much younger Anna Margaretha GILDENHUYS (1899-1973). Gravestones: Memel. His Death Notice VAB MHG 34988. No children.
Jacoba Maria "Kootjie"
Married Matthys Johannes EKSTEEN (18??-1939). Her death: VAB MHG 501/49.
Hermanus Hendrik ("Maans")
War Losses Claim VAB MHG 25394. He married Sophia Dorothea Maria "Baby" DU TOIT (1871-1921), see her DN VAB MHG G1554. He remarried after her death Sybella Elizabeth Schmidt, see his DN TAB MHG 7976-59
Daniel Jacobus Steyn (1878-1960)
Frans Johannes (±1879-19??)
Sophia Dorothea "Feitjie" (1882-1916)
DN VAB MHG G1303. May 1882 - 15.7.1916 (Farm Vogelstruisfontein, Standerton District)
War Claim CJC 6639-224, aged 23yrs on 4 Dec 1902.
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