Albert Barends GILDENHUISZ

The ancestor of the Geldenhuys family in South Africa is Albert Barends GILDENHUISZ / GILDENHUYZEN
who emigrated to South Africa from Germany, arriving in the Cape as a sailor on board the Princesse Royale. During Van Riebeeck’s rule he became a Free Burgher on 23 Sep 1661. Between 1662 and 1665 he served as a farmhand with several burghers, incl. Jacob Cloete.

He returned to Europe (Holland) in 1666, probably for about 7 years, where he married. He returned to the Cape with his wife in 1672 and lived on Roodenberg from 1673.
ca. 1640
Possible date of birth
Second return to Cape Town
Date of death according to
De Villiers & Pama